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April 18, 2015 - No. 16

Government Set to Release 10th "Economic Action Plan"

Harper's Balanced Budget Bible

April 18 Cross-Country Day of Action to Oppose Bill C-51
All Out to Defeat Bill C-51!
Defend the Rights of All!

Criminalization of Dissent Must Not Pass!


Council of the Federation
Meeting on Climate Change in Quebec City

Provincial Premiers Fail to Protect the Environment 
- Louis Lang -

Scandal in the Senate and the Duffy Trial
Harper Government Taken to Court to Challenge
Unconstitutionality of Attempts to Kill the Senate

- Anna Di Carlo and Pauline Easton -

Important International Developments
Palestinian Prisoners' Day Opposes Criminalization of
Palestinian Politics by Israeli Occupation

Call for International Criminal Court to Investigate Grave Violations Against Palestinian Political Prisoners
- Addameer -

Victory of Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution
Commemorated in Toronto

President Obama Officially Removes Cuba
from List of State Sponsors of Terrorism

Mexico's Military Integration with the USA
- Pablo Moctezuma Barragán -

The Free Trade Agreement that Destroyed Mexico
- Vicky Peláez, Sputnik News -

54th Anniversary of Cuba's Victory
Against Foreign Invasion at Playa Girón

Historic Defeat of U.S. Imperialists Underscores
Who Is the Source of State Terror in the World Today

April 16, Cuba Reaffirms Its Socialist Character
- Prensa Latina Editorial -

A Review of Harper's Attempts to Reform the Senate 


April 15, 2015

How to Participate in the May 5 Alberta Election

Join the Campaign to Mobilize Albertans to Puncture the Arrogance of the PCs!
Make Every Vote Count!

Albertans demand Premier Prentice be held accountable for
Alberta's economic problems, March 7, 2015.

How to Participate in the May 5 Alberta Election
Join the Campaign to Mobilize Albertans to Puncture the Arrogance of the PCs! Make Every Vote Count!
The Game Is Over -- The Time to Take Over Decision-Making Power Is Now! - Peggy Morton
What to Do When Electoral Politics No Longer Express a Popular Will?

Oppose the Suppression of "Third-Party" Participation in the Alberta Election!
No to the Muzzling of the Alberta Federation of Labour and Criminalization of Popular Opinion! - Peggy Askin
No Election Without Selection! Fund the Process, Not the Parties!

After Settling the Question of Who Decides,
the Direction of the Economy Is the Most Important Election Issue
The Case of Husky Sunrise
Layoffs in the Alberta Oil Patch

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